Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Newest Addition to Our Appliance Family

TaDa! I am so excited! This is my Nana's waffle maker which she received as a Christmas present in 1972! 1972! It is an oldie but goodie! Since AJ is such a huge waffle fan I was super excited when I came across this! It was in perfect condition and even still had the instruction manual. Can you believe that! The only thing I found was it needed to be re-greased to seal the non-stick surface, but since that tiny fix it is working perfectly.Even with that being said, it doesn't mean there isn't a learning curve associated with waffle maker.

Lesson #1: No matter how excited you are to use your new waffle makers, hold back from rushing it! When you know it is not hot enough, don't do what I did and add the waffle batter anyway...the results will not be what you desire!
AJ sampled it! Not perfect, but tastes great!

Lesson #2: No matter how hungry you are...resist the urge to peek! You will just pull your waffle apart right down the center...and although said it doesn't affect the taste wait for the perfect waffle.

Lesson #3: Once you have a clear understanding of the heat settings and cook time, waffle to your hearts content! Just make sure you have room in the freezer! Or, just scarf them down the moment they come off, like we did! Who one is watching!

My attempt at heart shaped waffles for V-day fun!

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