Thursday, February 18, 2010

An Easy, Yummy Summer Treat

Ok. So, it is winter and cold outside...not so much summer! But, when you have a really picky toddler that seems to avoid dairy at all costs...along with almost everything tend to get a bit desperate. AJ loves ice cream (ag-ga as he calls it). So, why not make com yogurt pops. I have been thinking about juicing some fruit for some fresh fruit pops ever since be bought our juicer, but they do not carry popsicle containers at the grocery store. I never seem to remember to look for them while I am out. Plus, all the popsicle containers make these huge popsicles...way more than AJ can handle. So, the thought finally hit me! Make yogurt pops in the funky shaped ice cube trays from IKEA. (I need to make another trip to get some more!)

So, AJ helped me put some different flavored yogurt together in the trays and we froze them. He LOVES them! He will eat 2-3 at a time! Total success! He loves the mixed ones. We made...vanilla/banana, strawberry/banana, and blueberry/vanilla. Easy Peasey!

(Oh and when Ican't get AJ to eat a whole popsicle, I decided to make some yogurt melts also. I put little nickle sized dots of yogurt on a platic cutting board and froze it. He loves those also and it makes a fun alternative to a whole popsicle)

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