Thursday, February 23, 2012

Choco-Banana Cheerio Balls

One had one last box of cheerios in the house. So, I decided to go ahead and get through this box and replace it with something healthier. The box is a sassy Banana Nut Cheerios. Hmm... what was I thinking when I purchased that one! Luckily my little Tonka Truck loves it and takes large chubby handfuls at a time while he leaves me trails to follow throughout the house. Mr. Pickey on the other hand wants nothing to do with them. So, instead of another lifetime with this nutty box, I decided to dress them up a bit for Mr. I will admit, this is mt my healthiest recipe and I will inevitable live to regret it when Mr. Pickey gets one of his super duper sugar highs...but then again...what are daddies for????

Choco-Banana Cheerio Balls

Heat up 1T of butter (I used Earth's Balance) and  1/2 c of marshmallows for 2 minutes in the microwave. Remove and stir in 1-2T of Nutella. Then, dump in the Cheerios to your hearts content.
**I did add in 1T of ground flax to make me feel a little better!
Then, I formed in to balls and chilled!

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