Monday, September 6, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

Well, I am still on bed rest and feeling really tried and quite poopy lately. I spent much of the weekend in bed to be honest. I was hoping by now to be feeling a bit better, but it comes and goes! I have been able to cook at least 1 night a week lately, but it is always super quick and easy!

This week I am excited about our mealtime plans...I even had to get an early start!!! Hubbie and I  love Shepard's is out ultimate comfort food! Plus, who doesn't love manicotti! Should be fun to watch my hubbie dig into making this one! I am also planning on a simple peach crisp since peaches are still in season! I love peach cobble and apple crisp, so, I decided to combine them into one delicious dessert! Now to send my hubbie to the store from some ice cream.

Sunday- Shepard's Pie
Monday- LO Pie and a salad
Tuesday- Pork chops, boxed potatoes (sweet potato for me) and a salad
Wednesday- Manicotti
Thursday-Ricotta Chicken and LO Manicotti
Friday- Dinner out/ Take out
Saturday- Grilled Pizza

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