Sunday, May 15, 2011

Recipe Philosophy

What is your philosophy on cooking?
First...have I mentioned lately that I LOVE cooking? I have been cooking for as long as I can remember. I love the satisfaction of preparing something yummy for those I love. I find it fulfilling. I love the process, be it simple or complex. For me, it is therapeutic.

Step by step, be it stirring, chopping or kneading, it is so easy to get lost in the process. The world slows and chaos subsides. Ok, so the chaos subsides as much as possible with 2 rambunctious little boys and a phone that is always ringing. Either way, a calm sets in and the process begins.

So, how do I chose what to serve to my family. Well, I am a purist at heart. For me this means recipes without all the glitz and glamour. I prefer to cook from scratch with simple ingredients. You won't find 700 spices or the latest cooking gadgets in my kitchen. I don't find them necessary to produce good tasting, quality food.

Food should speak for itself. A potato should taste like a potato. No rosemary infused garlic cream cheese mashed potatoes in this house. I just don't see the need. Sure I could fancy up a box of instant potatoes, but you and I both know you can taste the difference. When you take the time to peel, boil and mash your potatoes you don't have to worry about clearing out the spice cabinet to mask the processed flavor of instant. Sure it make take a little bit longer, but I am confident in the food I serve. I swear I should be living on a kibbutz I know you think I am!

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